History and Profile

Hope House was founded in 2004 as a community project and is registered as an NPO organization. Hope House is the project of Tshwaranang Community Centre, which is registered with Social Development as a Section 21 organization. The center is managed by the Committee, which reports to the Tshwaranang Board [Mother body].

Children at Hope House are special in their own individual cases, some of these children were abused, some neglected and some orphans.

In 2004 - Hope House started with 2 children late November 2004.

  • In 2005 – 39 Children were admitted
  • In 2006 – Again 39 children were admitted
  • Since then Hope House has been catering home for 31 children and place of safety for 5 children as per its registration requirements.

    Hope House is currently a home for 31 children, age 0 – 18 years; all from surrounding areas including Harrismith. They were transferred by court order through social welfare intervention. Our children are very unique in their own way and we love them as they are.

    At Hope House children are taken care of by means of:

  • Education – (Uniforms, School Transport, School fees etc.)
  • Food - ( Three meals a day, fruits and snack)
  • Accommodation – ( Place to sleep, bath and a safe place to play)
  • Activities: (Ex. games)
  • Programs – (Physical and emotional therapy [Occupational Therapist])
  • Our staffs are divided into four departments, namely:

  • Cleaning Department - 2 Cleaners
  • Kitchen Department – 2 Cooks
  • Laundry Department – 2 helpers
  • Care Givers Department – 6 Carers
  • We are so blessed that we have a committed staff that is willing to go the extra mile with us. Even though we cannot compensate them for their heart services, we believe that they are already blessed far above our understanding. Our staff works in 12 hour shifts and they do get time off work.Their services at Hope House are treasured every day and they will never be forgotten.

    We pride ourselves in these little ones, so beautiful that we committed to help, shape, protect and help educate them. But we really need hands to do that, we need support from the business community in our country and the community around us.