We are a private organization, situated on the Kwazulu Natal South Coast.

Since 2020

About Us

We at Hope House have identified the need for a organization to take care of the homeless and destitute families and individuals on the Kwazulu Natal South Coast. 

The current economic situation as well as the outbreak of the Covid 19 Virus is the highest two contributing factors causing families and individuals to become homeless and destitute.  We have a old farm house which we are currently renovating where we can provide temporary accommodation and support to these families and individuals.

current projects

We are currently engaged in the following projects.

01 THE urgent repair of our roof

The roof at our farm house is badly rusted and in a bad condition.  It severly leaks and needs urgent repair.

We are in great need of the following material:

*  Corrugated Roof Sheets

*  Roof Timber (Brandering)

*  Roof Sealer and Roof Tape

*  Ceiling Boards

*  Roof Paint


We do not have a borehole or running water on the farm.  We currently make use of four water tanks in which we capture the rain water which is used for the toilets and bathing.

We currently have to transport water to the farm twice a day which is used for cooking of food and drinking purposes.

We are urgently in need of:

* Polycop pipes and fittings

* Fibreglass sealer kit

* Taps

* Kitchen sink

* Waste water drainage pipes & fittings



We currently house 25 people and 5 children and a one year old baby at our farm house.  We provide three meals a day to them.

We are in great need of the following:

*  Non perishable food such as tined food

*  Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

* Flour and baking material

* Maze Meal rice soya

*  Fresh meat

*  Milk

*  Sugar tee & coffee

*  Cleaning material

04 Clothing

Many people arrive at our doorstep with literally one set of clothes and shoes.

We strive to provide these individuals with some form of clothes and shoes to meet the most urgent needs.

We currently have a need for:

*  Mens clothing

*  Mens shoes

*  Womans Clothing

*  Womans shoes

*  Blankets and bedding

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